Contacts: Sue Gemmell, Alison Holtzschue

The TiGrrrHat Project is Ready to Roar into Princeton Reunions

Nationwide, 1 May 2017 – Princeton University alumni are “Getting Their Growl On” and donning a version of the pointy-eared hats made famous during the Women’s March on Washington – this time in orange and black – on Reunions weekend and in the annual P-rade, June 1 to 4, 2017 at the University campus in New Jersey.

In recent months, many alumni have become concerned by an unprecedented assault on a broad range of fundamental values: Excellence in Education. Science. The Arts. The Pursuit of Truth. Diversity. Inclusion. Respect. Fairness. Opportunity. Service. Community.

Princeton’s ongoing contributions in these areas are a source of great pride for the University community. And so the TiGrrrHat Project was born. By wearing TiGrrrHats in the P-rade, people of any political affiliation have an opportunity to celebrate Princeton’s values in a lighthearted way. TiGrrrHats are also a silent visual signal of a willingness to participate in “a culture of open discussion where all voices are heard and respected,” as President Eisgruber eloquently described 11 Nov 2016 in the Alumni Weekly. And as one dual-alumni father and daughter said, “it’s not about politics. It’s about decency and respect.”

While not an official Reunions activity, the TiGrrrHat Project has many alumni and students eager to express how they feel.

“With TiGrrrHats, we can make a statement that Princeton alumni care about the values of intellectual inquiry and respect that we learned as students,“ says Jordan Becker, Class of 1982, who bought two hats the day they went on sale.

“I’m especially grateful for our Princeton women on the Supreme Court, Michelle Obama, and the inspiring work of Princeton’s climate scientists,” says Ms. Holtzschue, who recently participated in the Climate March. “Wearing a TiGrrr hat in the P-rade is one small way to celebrate their service.”

“Wearing a TiGrrrHat is festive, and means support for Princeton’s – and the nation’s – values.” says Sue Gemmell, who, with Ms. Holtzschue, is coordinating the effort. Both alumnae graduated in 1982.

“Alumni of all ages are taking a stand,” says Michael Southwell, Class of 1960 and a board member of Princeton Progressives, an alumni group offering pink pussyhats online for Reunions wear.

TiGrrrHats are available for purchase online: lightweight black cotton with orange ears ($5); profits go to the University and student groups. Or, participants can make their own hats, see

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TiGrrrHats Project is the official name of this effort. That’s three Rs, people. We mean it.