Make a Hat

two girls in orange and black knit hatsIf you know (or want to learn) how to sew, knit or crochet you can create your own hat. Many patterns are available online. See our Facebook page for ideas.  These approaches are most common, but feel free to engineer a hat out of any materials.  Consider the weather. Use material that is breathable and cool for the P-rade

Decorate your hat!

Add some orange and black flair. Buttons, tinsel, letters, insignia, flowers . . . Have fun! Mike’s bulky knit (below) in a cool cotton might be just the thing. Sue found a bunch of yarn at a scrap store and made a multicolored version (right).

Note: The University has confirmed that wearing TiGrrrHats at Reunions is a permitted expression of free speech; however, hats MUST NOT include Princeton University insignia.