Get Your Growl On!  Feeling like everything you care about is threatened? Everyone was encouraged to wear a TiGrrrHat in the P-Rade to show support for Princeton’s values. And hundreds of us did!!


Princeton’s Values: Excellence in Education. Science. The Arts. The Pursuit of Truth. Diversity. Inclusion. Respect. Fairness. Opportunity. Service. Community. And more.


Princeton Students. Profits from the TiGrrrHat Project ($1500) were donated to Princeton to support student initiatives.


A lively conversation began on Princeton’s campus at the Day of Action among faculty, students, administration and staff; by wearing a TiGrrrHat, alumni and their families signaled their interest in joining  an open and respectful discussion of the issues.

As we go forward in a troubled times, it is essential that we work together to sustain and promote a culture of open discussion where all voices are heard and respected, and where we can pursue the teaching and research urgently needed to make this world a better place.
— Princeton President Eisgruber

It’s not about politics. It’s about decency and respect.
— Father and daughter alumni

Inspired by the Pussyhat Project, March for SciencePeople’s Climate March, and Women’s March on Washington.

The TiGrrrHat Project is a private initiative not affiliated with or sponsored by Princeton University.